Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Journey

I have had many family and friends inquire about my experiences here in Afghanistan. Therefore, I've decided to create this little journal as my way of keeping those interested updated about my experiences. This is not going to be a particularly profound or insightful blog, so lower your expectations. This is just my way of capturing a bit of what it is like to be deployed as a CRNA in Afghanistan.

My Journey to Afghanistan started at Fort Benning Georgia, the home of the Conus Replacement Center (CRC). This is where the in-processing and training occurs for soldiers deploying to a number of locations throughout the world. It's not a particularly fun or interesting experience, so I wont discuss it at great length here. We do lots of paperwork, get lots of shots, and sit in lots of lines. There are many classes and briefings (death by power-point) and your are issued an enormous amount of gear. We spend a morning qualifying with our M9 (9mm handgun) and receive some IED (improvised explosive device) training. Something like 60-70% of all causalities in Afghanistan are caused by IEDs, thus the emphasis on the training. Everyone's main goal at CRC is to leave on time and to avoid the dreaded "hold over" list.

The army has a strict policy about what can and cannot be photographed.  Therefore, some of the more interesting aspects of this deployment just cannot be shared.

Weapons Training and Qualification

Departure Day from CRC.

Small Pox inoculation 2 weeks post injection.  I tried my hardest, but I couldn't talk my way out of this one.

Waiting for our flight.

Logistical Staging Area (LSA) in undisclosed location in Middle East

Major Randall Moore, CRNA
1980th Forward Surgical Team
FOB Sharana, Afghanistan

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  1. Hi, Randy. Thank you for your service. Hope all is okay with you. Have always had respect for you as an RN and CRNA and for your service. I am very interested in your blog and will continue to avidly read them as you blog them. What can I do to help? Can we send anything for you or anyone else there? My personal email is gailalea@gmail.com. Please let me know what I can do to help. Take as good care of you as you do your patients!