Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SGT. Kyle Osborn

"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. Ask the infantry and ask the dead."  Ernest Hemingway

I've started and stopped writing this particular blog entry several times in the last two months. However, the events of recent days have compelled me to resume writing this post. My previous attempts were aborted because I felt that I did not possess the words to properly articulate my feelings on this matter. I still feel woefully inadequate in that regard, but I'm ready to at least follow through with it this time.

I did not know Kyle Osborn. Our paths crossed briefly on September 14 - the day after I arrived at FOB Sharana. Kyle was killed in action the day before. His remains were brought to our FOB in order to prepare him for his flight to Bagram Air Field - and ultimately home to Indiana. As with all American servicemen killed in combat, Kyle was to receive a "Hero Flight." Standing along the walkway to the helicopter were several hundred fellow soldiers. I vividly remember standing there, completely silent, as Kyle's flag draped remains were taken to the helicopter for the first leg of his journey home. There really are no words to describe the solemnity and gravity of that moment. It's an experience that makes an indelible impression. I think of Kyle often. I know it may sound strange, considering the fact that we didn't even know each other, but it is the truth. I wonder how his family is handling the crushing tragedy of this loss. I wonder about his wife and how she is coping with being a widow in her 20's.

In the first twelve days of November, we have already lost eleven soldiers here in Afghanistan. The statistics of this war are quite sobering. Since I've been on active duty (late August), we've lost 83 coalition soldiers in Afghanistan - the vast majority of which were American.

Yesterday was a difficult day here at FOB Sharana. We had another "Hero Flight." Another life ended far too early. Another unspeakable tragedy for a family back in the United States.

SGT. Kyle Osborn

Here is a short video of SGT Osborn's funeral procession.

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