Monday, October 22, 2012

A Photo Essay

I'm not feeling particularly verbose this week. I thought I'd add a video and some pictures to the blog.

This video captures the arrival of an IDF (Indirect Fire) Casualty to the 1980 FST.

1980th FST personnel and MEDEVAC team uploading combat casualty for transport to Bagram

FOB Sharana "Town Square"

1980th FST at work taking care of IDF (Indirect Fire) Casualty 

Pre-Trauma preparation

Waiting for MEDEVAC Helicopter and talking things over.

Pizza on the grill night.               

Playing practical jokes on the senior enlisted guys may seem like a good idea until you consider the consequences.

Case in point: Plastering the locks of the NCOs in Charlie Med so they need a cast saw to get into their offices. Bad idea...


"The Haircut."

Major Campbell has his sleeves sutured closed.

Not pictured: MAJ Campbell's favorite hat frozen in a 12 pound block of ice.

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